Our Purpose

  1. To teach children respect by respecting the individual needs of each child;
  2. To promote learning through play and social interaction;
  3. To provide the highest quality of culturally appropriate child care to all children;
  4. To form partnerships with families to support a child’s emotional well-being; and
  5. To educate the community about the potential for learning and growth in young children.

Goals and objectives of the program:

  1. To provide quality child-care for children 6 weeks to 48 months who are enrolled
  2. To foster the total development of the child by providing an environment consisting of
    1. A warm, friendly atmosphere with trained child-care professionals
    2. A safe and sanitary facility
    3. A variety of suitable equipment in good repair
    4. A variety of activities that support the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of the children implementing the High Scope Curriculum
  3. To provide children with safe and consistent care during child care hours
  4. To provide children with developmental challenges referrals to appropriate support and services
  5. To enable the parent to develop positive parenting skills
  6. To be an emotional support system for parents when issues arise with their children
  7. To assist parents in acquiring knowledge of typical child development and other child related information
  8. To increase parents’ knowledge of their child’s development, individual needs and nutritional requirements
  9. To improve parenting skills, including options for managing challenging behavior
  10. To educate parents about health and child-care
  11. To increase parents’ contact with other parents of young children


We believe that children are active learners and can learn volumes through the simplest of activities and experiences. We strive to better understand the way children learn and support that learning by providing opportunities for children to choose their own play.

A child’s job is to play, and we provide many developmentally appropriate programs and activities that focus on learning while also helping them be successful at their job. We not only encourage learning, but a love of learning. We believe that most of life’s learning, including how to learn, occurs in the first five years of life and that each new discovery and milestone is vital to a child’s total development.

We believe that all children are entitled to a safe and nurturing environment with a schedule of routines that best meet the individual needs of each child in our care. Each child is treated with respect as a valuable individual. We are committed to supporting children by encouraging each child’s unique developmental level and learning style, as well as temperament, personality and cultural background. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” classroom but an environment where each child has the freedom to learn, create and enhance his/her own talents and abilities.

We also believe that the main component of quality child care is the sensitive and highly trained caregiver. We take great pride in the care that our staff provides for our children and believe that to best serve a child’s needs, close cooperation is needed between parents/guardians and staff. We support our teachers with training, resources and the freedom to create a unique learning environment in which each child can thrive.

The playground equipment has been successfully installed and the PIP safety material for the ground will be installed by the end of March 2021. We are needing the weather to cooperate in order for the bonding agent to adhere fully. Once the playground has been completely finished we will move forward with the health inspection and DHS license inspection. Our tentative opening date is now May 3, 2021. We have hired Director and Assistant Director and are gong through the interview process for the positions of master teacher, co-teacher, receptionist, and cook/nutritionist