Our Children’s Garden Is Now 5 Star!

On November 7, 2022, Oklahoma Human Services issued the following letter to ‘Our Children’s Garden’ director, Brenda Lisenbery:

“Dear Ms. Lisenbery,

Congratulations! Your 5 Star will become effective 1/1/2023 and will not expire or reduce as long as Star criteria continues to be met. You will be required to meet and maintain all the criteria for 5 Star beginning 11/07/22. Your full annual Star review will be due by November 2023.”

QRIS OVERVIEW: What does this mean?

The Stars program is the name of Oklahoma’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (ORIS). lri 1998, Oklahoma was the first state in the nation to implement a statewide ORIS. Most states now have some form of a quality rating and improvement system. The Stars program is for all early care and education programs, including out­ of-school time programs, that are shaping the lives of children and the future of our state. Our goals are for every provider to grow professionally and be recognized for their accomplishments, for parents and the public to recognize and value quality practices, and for all of Oklahoma’s children to benefit from the highest quality early childhood experiences.

What is a Quality Rating and Improvement System? A ORIS is a method to assess, improve, and communicate the positive practices in early care and education settings. The criteria used in ORIS are deveioped from research and what is universally considered quality care. Oklahoma’s ORIS is designed to help providers improve the care and education they provide for children, raise the professional development level of early care and education teachers, and increase parents’ awareness of the importance of positive practices in early care settings.

Child Care Services (CCS) is committed to providing the resources and incentives needed to increase Star levels. Please consult with your Licensing Specialist or Stars Outreach Specialist (SOS) to see how you can join other providers in improving early care and education in Oklahoma.

Levels of the Stars program certification

All programs who are on permit or license are automatically designated as a One Star program. The owner and primary caregiver must complete and submit the

– appropriate request for Star certification for 2, 3, 4 and 5 Star. In order for programs to be approved for a higher Star level, they must meet all criteria listed in the requested Star level as well as all lower levels, unless otherwise noted.

It’s a fact; ‘Our Children’s Garden’ is a top place for your child to begin their young education career! Enroll today!

By Wesley Boone – Delaware Nation Public Relations 1/12/2023