“Our Children’s Garden” Me-Mun-See Hah-Kee Hah-Kun Is Proudly A Two Star Program

The request for certification as a Two Star program became effective on Friday, May 21, 2021, and was determined by meeting the criteria requirements. The Two Star program will never expire as long as the Star criteria are met.

Towards the end of the first year of the Two-Star program, evaluation steps such as the following must be completed: an equipment inventory, survey of parents and personnel, and establish program goals based on the information gathered from the completed health and safety checklist, parent and personnel surveys, CCS approved assessment tool and developed a written plan for meeting these goals.

By applying and meeting Stars criteria, “Our Children’s Garden”, LLC has committed to improving the quality of care within the program. Early childhood research has identified 5 essential practices linked to best outcomes for children. Both minimum Licensing requirements
and Star criteria embrace these 5 essential practices which are:
• basic health and safety
• developmental needs of children
• caregivers relate positively to children
• caregivers are trained, experienced, and have little turnover
• family involvement and communication is encouraged

At “Our Children’s Garden,” LLC, your children will receive the best quality care under the steps of this program and as it provides the highest standards towards child development.