Parents Night May 19, 2023: Water Safety

ANADARKO, OK — Our Children’s Garden hosted its new monthly Parent’s Night event on Friday, May 19, 2023, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

Parents were invited to join their children for hot dogs and hamburgers with a side of chips, a drink, and a cookie for dessert! This open-house event lets parents fellowship with each other while their kids enjoy playground time. This is a great opportunity for parents to get one-on-one time with their teacher.

The Parents Night theme covered water safety and how to take steps to prevent your child from harming themselves. A short video mentions how parents should never dunk their baby in the bathtub without having everything ready first because you never want to leave your infant alone in the water. Not even for a second! When the bath is over, drain the water before getting out of the tub. Babies love to watch the water swirl down the drain! This makes bath time easier and safer for infants and parents.

Leave your bathroom closed and keep the toilet lid closed! Be sure to inform babysitters and older siblings of water safety. Children are naturally drawn to water and drowning can happen instantly without a sound. Parents should always stay within arm’s reach of their infant in or around water.

If you have water toys, put them away before you leave so that they don’t attract the kid’s attention. Toys are like magnets and will draw children directly to them.

All kids like to follow their pets so it is important to keep pets inside their fence with a secure gate latch. Stay close to your child and never keep your eyes off them! Never let your child swim alone and never let them go around a body of water without supervision, no matter where you are.

The Coast Guard provided free life jacket floaties and packets to the children in attendance according to their size.

Many thanks so all who arrived and participated in this successful water safety training Parents Night event!

Story & photos by Delaware Nation Public Relations Officer Wesley Boone